Samsung Users Are Not Pleased with Their TVs’ Ease-of-Access Functionality

(Photo credit: Samsung)

(Photo credit: Samsung)

Judging from the turmoil on official Samsung forums, a literal storm is brewing up in the Samsung front, and it’s not pretty. However, what people are complaining about and what they’re asking for is fairly simple — and it’s this: “Samsung, please stop auto-turning on the HDMI channel.”

“Turning on my computer changes the TV to my HDMI… pretty frustrating when the wife is watching one of her shows,” writes an annoyed user on the forums, and it’s easy to see his point. There are numerous complaints that all boil down to this same “feature”.

“How do you turn off the auto-detect HDMI feature? Sometimes my Apple TV comes on and then the TV automatically turns on as well but I don’t want the TV to do so. How do you turn off this feature?” asks a user signing “Mark”.

The feature seems to have been added sometime in the 2016. The reason for the apparent inability to turn it off is unclear as of yet.

The feature seems to be embedded in the software (or hardware) of the TV itself, since a user even resorted to cutting up his HDMI cable to see if it helps. There’s no response from Samsung yet.