Why Two Separate Google Apps?


Have you already seen the Google Assistant that has finally hit the App Store, or at least it did so in the United States? Now what it did is that people have started wondering — why it isn’t combined with the previously released and already widely available Google Search app?

Google Search app, or as it is commonly referred to by users Google Search, is a simple widget that can be freely added to your phones home screen, thus allowing for quick intuitive search.

Assistant app has the same functionality that the older Google Search app did, however it also has the added AI capabilities. What Google claims is that it is exactly the reason behind the solution to have two separate apps: some users might simply not want the added functionality provided by the artificial intelligence. On the other hand, users who e.g. already use Siri, might want to explore what Google’s artificial intelligence has to offer.

Assistant is designed to be more intuitive, offering users preference-based suggestions — if a user looked up venues to eat nearby, it would offer you to follow up with booking reservations instantly, pretty smart, right?